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The American Health Care Act (AHCA) has been introduced in the US House of Representatives as a replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare. You can find a fair and impartial summary of how this bill compares to the ACA here – just scroll down to the see the side-by-side comparison by topic.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the AHCA today, and then send it to the Senate for consideration. We strongly encourage our members that will be impacted by the provisions of the AHCA to make their views known to Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson, both of whom represent all Wisconsin citizens in the U.S. Senate. Be sure to contact both Senators Johnson and Baldwin by clicking the box to the right.

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The White House wants to hear how the Affordable Care Act has impacted you. Tell them your story!

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Send an email to and let us know what Affordable Care Act has meant to you.


Member Story - Chelsea W. from Milwaukee

I am writing to share my story about making my voice heard as you encouraged us to do on your website. I called Ron Johnson’s office today. I left a voicemail explaining that when I turned 23, I was taken off my parent’s insurance. I didn’t have healthcare for six years after that, despite working more than full time as a nanny during the recession. In those years, I had bronchitis, tonsillitis, and salmonella. I had to take some risky measures or pay steep fees that I couldn’t afford to overcome those illnesses.

I’m 33 now. I have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative. I can’t go back. I’m earning more now, but I’m afraid of what will happen and I have reason to be.

The costs of healthcare are so extreme in this country, I believe there are many people who knowingly or unknowingly choose to die rather than get the care they need. My friend Alta, who lived in Indiana, chose to drive herself to the hospital when she was having a heart attack because she was already saddled with over $20,000 in debt from a back surgery. She passed away shortly after her arrival. She chose to risk death rather than pay for an ambulance because of the healthcare costs. It’s infuriating!!

I’m thankful that this cooperative exists!
Chelsea W.


We want to hear your views and your questions. If you contacted your lawmaker, please send us an email explaining your views so we can share these stories as we advocate on behalf of our members. If you have questions about changes to the Affordable Care Act, please send them our way and we’ll do what we can to answer them.


Tips for Getting Your Message Heard

The best way to get your point across to an elected official is to speak from the heart. Personalize and humanize your message by writing about how the issue affects you or others in your life personally. Explain the reasons why the issue is important to you, and be as specific as possible about the outcome you’d like to see. If you are part of a larger group with concerns about the particular issue, be sure to mention that as well.

The first one or two lines of your message should exhibit how strongly you care about an issue. This is the most important thing to include in your message and right up front. You should end the message by asking the lawmaker to respond to you and explain their position.

The link we’ve provided on this site provides access to an automated tool that will send an email to your lawmaker. You can contact your lawmaker outside of this tool by click here for their contact information.

You might consider sending your message to your state elected officials that represent you as well. You can send a copy to the Governor and state lawmakers. You can find their contact information by clicking here.


Need Talking Points?

We encourage you to put your message to your Senator or Congressperson in your own words. But if you’d like some ideas on what you can include, feel free to use the following points. Pick and choose among the them as some may not be applicable to you.

  • We would like our elected officials to put the best interests of consumers at the forefront of the health reform debate. That means slowing down and having an open and honest dialogue about the impact of replacement.
  • I would not be able to afford insurance or heath care without the financial assistance provided to me through Obamacare (or the Affordable Care Act). Please work to keep insurance affordable.
  • People are worried about losing their health insurance coverage overnight. Wisconsin citizens need their lawmakers to assure us that there will be time to adjust to any changes.
  • The Affordable Care Act is too important to millions of US citizens to toss aside without trying to fix it. Our health care is too important to play politics with it.
  • We want more health insurance choices. Please preserve and protect insurance company competition.
  • We need to get serious about the root causes of rising health costs. Even today, many people cannot afford to get sick.
  • We need to know that you will stand up and fight for our best interests. (Or, I voted for you and I need to know that you will stand up and fight for what is right for me and many other Wisconsinites).


That’s great news, because a phone is actually more effective than an email. The link below will take you to a website where you can find the phone numbers for your federal, state and local officials. If you don’t know the name of your elected officials, you can click the other link which will take you to a page where you enter your address and find out who represents you in Washington and in Madison. 



Lawmakers often have town hall meetings in their districts to hear from constituents back home. Can you imagine a more effective way to get your point across to your lawmaker? They host these meetings because they want to hear from you. We will post links to Congressional town halls and other events when we know of them.


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