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On May 24, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative held it’s annual member meeting in Menomonee Falls. This is always our favorite night of the year when we get to gather with our members to receive feedback and talk about things we’re working on and things that will impact our cooperative. This year, for the first time ever we invited in a Keynote Speaker that we hoped would inspire us to work together toward positive change.

Regina Holliday certainly delivered as that speaker. Regina’s story is as much about losing a loved one to cancer as it is about changing the healthcare system. During her and her family’s struggle with a terminal illness, she ran into roadblock after roadblock in coordinating her husband’s care in different care settings. She found it nearly impossible to access his health care records that she needed for the next facility. After arguments and obstacles, Regina ultimately obtained the medical records. Finally, Regina had what she set out for but she couldn’t help but wonder; Why was she refused her spouse’s records in the first place?

As a result of her experiences Regina now advocates for transparency in healthcare and access to doctor notes. As she shares her story with people around the country she shares details about the OpenNotes movement where constituents advocate for healthcare transparency by encouraging doctors, nurses and therapists to share their notes with patients. The idea is to create a more efficient way of communication between doctors and patients, and ensure that regular people are empowered to participate in their health care decisions.

Accessing your patient records could help guide you when speaking with your physician, which could lead to a more meaningful conversation about your health. Accessing your medical records may even help your doctor better address your concerns and give you the opportunity to understand medical jargon and ensure you are taking care of yourself based on your doctor’s recommendations. We encourage you to take a peak and see how studying your records could improve your patient experience. You can learn more about OpenNotes here.

We were happy to host Regina as our keynote speaker and would like to share that amidst the confusion, frustration and heart break Regina seemed to find solace in painting. She took her frustrations and turned them into pieces of activism art expressing her concerns and experiences with the health care industry. Regina’s depiction of the patchwork we are trying to create with Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative is depicted in the picture above. You can view more of Regina’s work here.

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