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At Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative (CGHC), we take great pride in being a different kind of health insurance company. As a non-profit cooperative, we put service to members ahead of all else, and we are governed by a Board of Directors elected from and by the 30,000 Wisconsin individuals, families and businesses that purchase our coverage.

Our voting Board of Directors is made up of individuals who have health insurance through CGHC and who are elected by the other adult policyholders, serving staggered three year terms. This unique governance model means that CGHC holds annual elections for at least one-third of the seats on our 9-member Board of Directors. Having a  governing Board that is elected from our membership by our membership guarantees that we’re making informed decisions that are in the best interest of our members.

Know Your Board

In 2017, three seats were available for election and the our nominations committee selected six individuals to stand for election to the board in a highly contested election. The individuals elected to the board to serve three year terms are as follows:

Amy Murphy (MPH), public health consultant and professional group facilitator, was re-elected by her peers to serve another three year term. She has experience with government agencies, strategic planning and population health management;

Keisha Krumm, lead organizer at Southeast Wisconsin Common Ground, was also re-elected to serve another three year term. She has experience in marketing, communications, management and community organizing.

John Farrelly, was selected by members as a new Board member. John is a self-employed business adviser with experience in executive management, finance, accounting, marketing, health benefits and healthcare technology.

The newly elected and re-elected directors will join their fellows board members listed below:

  • Jim Wesp
  • Suzanne Garrity
  • John Maglio
  • Mary Rehberg
  • Clifford Pukel
  • Terri Weber

To view the Board Member profiles you can visit this link.

In addition to welcoming the new board members, we would like to thank Mary Rynders for her participation and passion for creating a better community cooperative. Mary is retiring from her director role where her dedication to the cooperative model and her legal background allowed her to provide thoughtful direction on our compliance and integrity committee.

From Membership by Membership

Since we are a member governed cooperative, the individuals elected to serve on the Board of Directors will be invaluable assets in the CGHC decision-making process. The Board is made up of local citizens that have an interest in making healthcare affordable and accessible in Southeastern Wisconsin. Historically, the elected Directors bring a vast array of skills and specialties in business management, public health and nonprofit strategic planning to the table. We are excited to work alongside the Board of Directors making decisions to best serve our members. We are confident that if any new obstacles lie ahead, we can rely on our Board members for assistance and guidance.

The Board of Directors is designed to share the member’s voice. We encourage each member to take advantage of the right to vote and have a say in who is governing our cooperative. Thank you for voting and we hope you will participate next year!

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