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After our Annual Meeting in May, we promised to keep ideas flowing through this blog that would help our members save money. Today I’m very excited to be writing about an idea that has become reality that will save our members significant dollars in treatment costs for common ailments.

Starting now, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative members are going to have access to an online health clinic that is less expensive than your traditional bricks and mortar health clinic. It’s called virtuwell, and it can be used by anyone that has access to a computer. A member that has a common ailment can simply visit to get started with an online visit with a nurse practitioner. There’s no app to download, no appointment is needed and it’s convenient to use any time day or night. Click here for more information about how this works.

Best of all, we are going to offer ten virtuwell clinic visits at NO COST to members in most of our plans. (Unless you are enrolled in an HSA plan, because the law prohibits those plans for paying for anything not considered preventive before the deductible is met.) If you are in an HSA plan or have used up your ten visits, then the most you will ever pay is $49 for the visit. No surprise costs or charges, and you don’t have to leave your home. Plus, follow up visits are free, and there’s a money back guarantee.

Imagine using this service anytime you have a common concern such as rashes, allergies, respiratory infections, ear or urinary tract infections, kids health issues and for women’s health. The online clinic is appropriate for many common, uncomplicated medical issues that don’t require a specialist or long-term treatment. And, you can use it anywhere, even while traveling. The entire list of services can be viewed here.

I would love to hear if you are as excited about this as I am. Would you use an online clinic? If not, why not? Please send me an email at

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