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Open Enrollment for 2021 health insurance is here! It’s time to enroll in or renew your coverage with Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative (CGHC)!

Open Enrollment goes until December 15th. It is the only time of the year that most people can enroll in individual health insurance coverage for the following year, unless you have a qualifying life event during the year.

Not yet a member?: You may need some more information about how Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative is different. As a non-profit organization, CGHC exists to serve our members’ interests. Our elected Board of Directors is made up of people who buy our insurance and represent our members’ perspectives when making business decisions. Together, we provide honest health insurance by putting members first and working on their behalf to create affordable solutions. We are proud to offer ACA-compliant, comprehensive plan options and some of the lowest cost plans available for individuals and families. If you do not currently have a plan for health insurance for 2021, CGHC plans could be right for you!

Already a member?: If you have not yet gotten your renewal packet in the mail, don’t worry – it’s on the way. If you want to renew right away, you can access an electronic version of your packet in our Pay My Premium online portal now. Just go to to access your renewal packet.

Whether you are interested, looking for information, or are considering renewal, it’s important to know about all of our new plan offerings! Not only are we offering new plans for 2021 but also some new benefits that will remove barriers to care for members. First, we provide a $15 (Tier 2) insulin copay on all Gold and Silver plans. This means that all insulin products which fall under the Tier 2 category of our prescription drug list (formulary) will be covered for a $15 copay, which applies before your deductible. This copay is meant to reduce barriers to care for members who really need it! We are also offering a future COVID-19 vaccination as a preventive immunization. This is important for your future health and safety.

Even though our physical office is closed, we want to support you as much as possible! We are offering interested member and renewal assistance opportunities through webinars and phone appointments. First, you can join a member webinar for more information! Go to to enroll. You can also make a phone appointment with our sales team for assistance at

We know that you can have confidence enrolling in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan despite the pending Supreme Court case. Enroll in or renew your coverage as soon as you are able using our online payment portal or through!

We look forward to serving you in 2021.

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