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It’s safe to say we are well into the age of technology. Technology is continually reshaping the way we do business, communicate, and interact with each other. With the onset of COVID-19, we are now heavily relying on technology to ensure we have access to the healthcare we need, when we need it.

The good news is, as a member of Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative (CGHC), you have access to our 24/7 online clinic, Virtuwell.

Virtuwell is an easy to use online platform where your symptoms are evaluated by a board-certified nurse practitioner (NP). The NP will present treatment options to you and even submit prescriptions if necessary. You can access Virtuwell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What types of services does Virtuwell offer?

Virtuwell boasts an ever-growing list of services. Eligible ailments include issues with sinuses, coughs, colds, bug bites and stings, as well as women’s health, kid’s health and even services to manage chronic and preventive health needs. Click here for a complete list of services.

To utilize Virtuwell, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click “Get Started.”
  2. Next, complete the online medical screening. Answering the questions as accurately as possible will help ensure the nurse practitioner will already have a good idea about treatment options prior to meeting with you virtually.
  3. Based on your needs, the nurse practitioner will request a virtual visit with you (video or phone call) if more information is needed. Otherwise, based on your responses to the questionnaire, the nurse practitioner will make a diagnosis and send you your treatment plan.
  4. Review your treatment plan. If prescriptions are deemed necessary, you can select your preferred in-network pharmacy and the nurse practitioner will submit your prescription to that pharmacy.

After your initial online assessment, you can access a free follow-up visit with the nurse practitioner if you choose.

With my insurance plan, what will a Virtuwell visit cost me?

CGHC offers members 10 FREE e-visits through Virtuwell. That’s 10 visits per enrollee on your policy. Have your insurance information handy so Virtuwell can process your insurance and submit your medical claim to us for processing. For a complete run down on how to submit your information to Virtuwell, visit our FAQs page here.

*CGHC members with a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan are required to pay the billed fee per visit, which will go towards their deductible/coinsurance. Due to federal regulations on HSA plans, we cannot offer free services before the deductible and maximum out-of-pocket is met. The fees for 10 virtual visits will apply to your plan deductible and maximum out-of-pocket. 

Looking for additional virtual health care options? Visit this post for more information on telehealth offerings through CGHC’s local provider partners including Aurora Health Care, Bellin Health and ThedaCare.

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