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Mike Braun

Mike Braun has experience in human resources, employee benefits (PHR certification), board experience and community service.

“I am a teacher and business consultant with over fifteen years in the human resource (HR) management field. During my years in human resources, I was called upon to negotiate health insurance premium for coverage of our employees. This required an ability to understand the benefits offered and know the various plans offered, deductibles, co-pays, HSAs as well as the resources and potential pitfalls of all plans. Then, I would meet with employees and explain the plans, answer questions and see them through to enrollment. My last position in corporate America was as a Benefit Specialist for a large assisted living conglomerate that owned over 30 centers in Wisconsin & Michigan, employing nearly 2,000. As a business manager, I had to make the tough call to lower benefits and balance the difficult path between being employee friendly with bottom-line sensitivity. Most importantly I am “tuned in” to the needs of employees (single, married, divorced, widowed, domestic partnered, blended and natural families). I think this gives me a unique perspective for Common Ground HealthCare Coop’s Board. I am sensitive to the customers CGHC serves.”