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Clifford Pukel

Clifford Pukel is an Oncologist and CEO of the Cancer Vaccine Cancer Immunotherapy Foundation. He has experience in clinical medical practice, business management and leadership of nonprofit organizations.

“I would like to be considered for membership on the Board of Directors of CGHC. I believe that the mission and principles that make CGHC so appealing as an insurer are in perfect agreement with my beliefs. When people are already sick and stressed it seems to me that the last thing they need is to have to fight their insurer about covering their medical expenses. It seems that CGHC is committed to providing affordable health insurance and in being sensitive to the needs of patients rather than creating greater anxiety and suffering. I believe that CGHC works with those in great need with compassion and understanding rather than through an adversarial relationship. The problems and complexities that exist in our current system of healthcare are at least partly due (particularly in oncology) to its incredible cost. I am embarrassed by the extraordinary amounts that pharmaceutical companies charge for therapies for treating cancer that are all too often modestly effective and toxic. This system is broken and unsustainable and needs to be changed and is becoming an important political issue.”