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John Farrelly, Board Chairman

John is a self-employed business advisor with extensive leadership experience in fields related to executive management, finance, accounting, marketing, health benefits and healthcare technology.

“I am a self-employed executive business advisor, a CPA with over 25 years of senior executive leadership experience at companies large, small and in between. In my business, I specialize in financial leadership, building strategy and defining culture. I work with health care technology companies that aim to improve the efficiency of the health care system. I operate with the highest integrity, am financially astute and have been in leadership positions for most of my life. Notably, I’ve negotiated health insurance coverage at several companies, always championing the primary objective of caring for the health of our employees and their families. I’ve rejected out-sized cost increases for employees and challenged our health insurance providers to find better alternatives.

More importantly, as a self-employed full premium paying consumer of health care, I personally see the need for and benefit of consumer education and empowerment in selecting and using health care services. I am very well-aligned with the CGHC mission of making health care fair and affordable for people with non-employer paid insurance. I believe I can be a benefit to CGHC and its Board as we head into another period of changing government health care programs and oversight. It would be an honor to represent the CGHC members on the board.”