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Terri Weber

Terri Weber is a registered nurse and an attorney.  She graduated from Marian College in Fond du Lac with a bachelor’s of science in nursing in 1984.  Her nursing practice was in Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas and Maine.  She worked in intensive care and trauma, as well as on medical surgical floors and in nursing homes through full time employment with institutions and per diem work with nursing agencies. Terri’s nursing license is current, although she has not practiced bedside nursing since 1999 when she graduated from Marquette University Law School.  Her current law firm is primarily insurance defense.  Besides her legal and nursing experience, she has experience with nonprofits as well.

“I was a registered nurse for many years and then become an attorney.  My husband was also a registered nurse who, at the age of 53, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He carried our health insurance benefits as is common in many families.  I did not have benefits with my employment.   As he was terminated from employment when he became permanently disabled due to his cancer (on the date of diagnosis), we would have eventually been without benefits if he had outlived his COBRA under the old “pre-existing” disease exclusions.  Thankfully Obamacare became law. I believe the combination of my legal, nursing and personal experience would be beneficial in this position. Health insurance is an important necessity for individuals and families, and it plays an integral role in the financial balance of society.  I believe that it needs to be available to everyone and being available means affordable.  I see this position as being both an honor and a responsibility for which I am exceptionally pleased to be considered.”