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Premium Increase? Maybe Not

If you follow the news, you may have read that health insurance premiums are going up in 2017 for all health insurers serving Southeast Wisconsin. Much of this has to do with financial losses experienced by health insurers in 2016 and the fact that two of the Affordable Care Act’s premium stabilization programs are going away this year. Read more…

What is a Health Savings Account Plan? (HSA)

Health Savings Account eligible health plans are health insurance products with a deductible that is high enough to qualify you for tax-advantaged savings on health expenses. To qualify as an HSA-eligible plan, the health plan cannot provide coverage for services except preventive care before the deductible is met. Read more…

What to do if a Provider Tries to Charge you for a No-Cost Preventive Service?

I wanted to share my story about something that happened during my annual wellness visit, and encourage other members to watch out for themselves and unfair provider charges. Read more…

What’s Best for Employees and Your Small Business?

When it comes to helping employees find quality health insurance coverage, small businesses today have more options than before. Read more…