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The goal of The Torch is to support our members (and those that care about them) with straightforward and actionable information. The goal is to help members avoid costly health care mistakes and advocate for themselves when it comes to solutions that can help fix our broken system. Topics are limited to issues that impact our members’ insurance and medical costs such as medical billing errors, getting care in the least expensive setting and health reform initiatives that can either move us forward or set us back.

In May, we will hold our fourth Annual Member Meeting where we will talk with Elisabeth Rosenthal, Editor-in-Chief of Kaiser Health News, about how health care became big business and how we can take it back. Mark your calendar so that you may be part of the solution!

Short-Term and Ministry Plans: Buyer Beware

Around the country, there’s a lot of concern about the latest efforts by the President’s administration to promote short-term plans as an alternative to high-quality, comprehensive medical coverage. These plans are not designed for primary coverage, and consumers...

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