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In the past 30 years, we’ve seen an amazing increase in the number of drugs and formulations of drugs available to treat illness and disease. Since no insurance company can cover all medications, insurance companies have to define and choose which drugs are covered and how.

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative’s list of covered medications is called its “formulary.” Within the list, we define drugs that fall into the following tiers or categories:

  • Certain preventive drugs covered at no cost to you
  • Generic medications that are much less expensive than other medications
  • “Preferred” brand name drug available at a reasonable cost
  • Non-preferred brand name drugs available at higher costs
  • “Specialty” medications generally the most expensive drugs on the market

If you are in a copay plan, you can see in your Statement of Benefits (link) that we offer a different copay for these different classes of medications. If you are not in a copay plan, you are still likely to pay less for generic or preferred brand name drugs than those in the non-preferred or specialty category. Talking with your doctor about your options for your medications can save you a lot of money!

Remember, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative members can go to any pharmacy to receive covered medications.

Access to this formulary does not guarantee any coverage details or benefits available; it only provides access to view the full list of medications that are available through Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative’s Prescription Drug Formulary. For a complete outline of covered benefits and details on medication coverage, please refer to your policy and the Schedule of Benefits provided in your enrollment packet. Some medications listed on the Prescription Drug Formulary may not be covered under your specific benefit. Where differences are noted, the benefit plan documents will govern. We reserve the right to add or remove prescription drugs from the formulary as deemed necessary. If you have questions regarding your prescription drug coverage, please call Member Services at 877-514-2442.