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All of us here at CGHC are still here for you, even when our physical office is closed. If you need anything, please call us at 877.514.2442.

At Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, member health and safety comes first. We are eliminating barriers for our members receiving all coronavirus related testing and treatment.  We have made the decision to waive member cost-sharing for all testing and treatment related to coronavirus. Please use the attached resources to learn more. Along with the resources attached, we have partnered with Livongo, which has Coronavirus and Mental Wellness Resources. This is free to use and is designed to support members through these challenging times. Visit to learn more. 

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Coronavirus: A letter from our Chief Medical Officer,
Scott Anderson, MD

Dear Members,

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative (CGHC) is taking the global outbreak of coronavirus seriously.

The coronavirus causes respiratory symptoms like the flu. Symptoms include cough, fever and difficulty breathing.  The symptoms are different from person-to-person.  Because coronavirus has become a global pandemic, we are all at risk for getting this illness. This is a new virus, so no one is immune.  Individuals who are frail, elderly, or those with certain chronic health conditions may experience more serious illness or complications.  Most patients that become ill with coronavirus will have mild to moderate symptoms and will recover smoothly.  However, a certain proportion of patients will have more serious disease with this virus and may require hospitalization.  We are prepared for this situation.

Right now, there are no medications that are FDA-approved to treat coronavirus.  So, for now, we must rely on other interventions to prevent the disease and its spread.

We are working with public health experts, our provider partners, and the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) to provide timely, uninterrupted service, coverage, and care coordination for our members.  CGHC has a coronavirus task force to prepare for the impact that spread of coronavirus will have on the community and to ensure continued business operations and service to our members in the event of a pandemic.  We are currently taking action to maintain full operational service while dealing with this public health emergency. Importantly, we have taken measures to ensure that benefit and coverage needs will be met as usual.  These measures include:

  • Eliminating out-of-pocket costs for coverage of coronavirus testing, screening, and medical treatment,
  • Coordinating with our health care provider network to ensure network adequacy and readiness,
  • Coordinating with our Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), OptumRx®, to monitor medication inventories and to ensure that prescriptions can be filled without delay,
  • Implementing policies to limit physical contact between members and employees while maintaining full operations. We are following our social responsibility to prevent the spread of infection in order to protect members, staff, and the community.

We want you to know that our mission, “Putting members first, Pursuing better healthcare,” is at the core of our effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  We will continue to serve our members, as we have always done, and will give updates and education as the situation progresses.

Stay safe and healthy,

Scott Anderson, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, CGHC