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About our Provider Directory

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative updates its provider directory information based on information we receive directly from participating provider organizations in the form of rosters, change forms or verbal communication. Provider specialty, board certification and accreditation information is verified at least every three years, as part of the credentialing and re-credentialing process.

The criteria CGHC uses to select our provider partners is not based on quality measures, member experience measures or cost-related measures. Instead, we consider access and availability of providers for the members residing in our service area and health care providers and systems that have agreed to accept our reimbursement for services. These partners are periodically evaluated on how they align with our mission to put service to members first.

Below are important definitions you should know when looking at our directory:

Specialty = the specialized medical training the physician received to treat specific conditions or health problems
Hospital affiliations = the physician has a contract with a specific hospital to provide healthcare services for that hospital.
Medical group affiliations = the physician has a contract with a specific group of physicians to provide healthcare services for that medical group.
Board certification = The process by which a physician is approved to practice in a specialty field of medicine, after successfully completing testing and other requirements of a board of specialists in that field. To check provider’s current board certification status, please visit and click in “is my doctor board certified” button.
Accepting new patients = A new patient is one who has not received any service from the physician or medical group. Accepting new patients means that the provider is available to provide care to a new patient.
Languages spoken by the physician or clinical staff = The language(s) the physician or clinical staff speaks, in addition to English.
Hospital accreditation status = the current state or proof that a hospital meets certain quality standards. An outside group decides this through an official review.