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Our Empower health plans offer you the coverage and convenience you’ve been looking for.

Our Empower plans put the ball in your court, giving you the freedom to choose your healthcare providers across the broad Trilogy Health Network. With Empower, you gain the ability and opportunity to build your own team of doctors — doctors you are most comfortable with, in locations most convenient for you, and in clinics and hospitals that span many different affiliations.

In addition to our Empower network, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative also offers a higher value network we call Envision.  The Envision network is smaller than our Empower network consisting mainly of Aurora Health Care and Bellin Health System providers. We offer all the same plan designs in both of our networks, but the prices associated with our Envision network are significantly lower.  If you are looking for a high value plan, you may want to check out plans with our Aurora/Bellin Envision network!

Participating Providers

Primary Care Providers (PCPs) see patients for preventive care and common medical problems. If something more serious arises, they will also recommend specialists and coordinate your care. That’s why it is important to choose a PCP that will get to know you and understand your needs. PCPs include doctors that practice general, internal, family and geriatric medicine, including pediatricians and ob/gyns.

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To view a PDF version of the latest Empower Trilogy network Provider Directory or to print a copy of this directory click here

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