Member Services: 877-514-2442

Are you looking for information about the CGHC Doctor Line?

We have decided not to offer this service to our members in 2018 due to the low number of members that used the service to talk with a doctor over the past two years. Please know this service was not part of your benefit plan but rather something we offered as a service outside of your benefits.

Fortunately, our provider partners offer alternatives to the CGHC Doctor Line that may be helpful to you in accessing quick care.

If you are interested in talking with a Bellin Health or ThedaCare nurse at no charge to you:

  • Patients that utilize or want to utilize Bellin Health System providers:  Please call the Bellin Nurse Line at 920.445.7373
  • Patients that utilize or want to utilize ThedaCare providers:  Please call the ThedaCare Nurse Line at 800.236.2236

If you are interested in scheduling an Aurora or ThedaCare e-visit that does come at a cost to you:

  • Please understand you will be charged for scheduling an e-visit. This is a service offered by Aurora and ThedaCare that falls outside your benefits and is not covered by CGHC