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Every Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative plan includes a flu vaccination provided at no cost to our covered members. The vaccination can be obtained at an in-network doctor’s office or conveniently through a pharmacy that administers the vaccine and is willing to bill it to our pharmacy benefit manager, OptumRx. Just ask your local pharmacy if you can take advantage of this free service (Walgreens and Aurora are among the many pharmacies provide them). Here is a list from OptumRx that details vaccines and available pharmacies for members to get their flu shot at no charge! 

Flu facts you need to know:

  • The Centers for Disease Control recommend a flu shot for everyone six months or older. Elderly adults and pregnant women can also get their flu shot.
  • The vaccine helps people avoid the flu or reduce their symptoms if they do get it.
  • If you get the flu vaccine early, you may be able to avoid a shot. Many people are eligible to receive their flu vaccine through a nasal spray, but supplies for this option may run short if you delay getting the vaccine.

Please take action as soon as possible! The sooner you get your flu shot the sooner you’ll be protected against this dangerous illness.

Click here to learn more about the flu in Wisconsin. Also in Spanish and Hmong


When you schedule an appointment for your flu vaccine or your annual preventive exam with your in-network doctor, make it known that you’re interested in getting only your free preventive services and want to be told if any services fall outside the list of approved no-cost services. If you’re visiting your in-network doctor for your annual preventive exam, ask questions when he or she recommends additional testing and treatment. If tests don’t meet our definition of preventive screening, you’ll need to pursue those recommendations from your doctor with the knowledge that you’ll likely have some cost-sharing responsibilities. You can also call CGHC Member Services at 877.514.2442.

If you are making an appointment for your flu vaccine outside of your annual preventive exam, you may want to explain to the scheduler that you are only looking for the flu vaccine and nothing more. If you end up seeing the doctor and discussing other concerns, then you may be charged an office visit copay or coinsurance. If you get your flu vaccine as part of your routine preventative wellness exam however, and then you should not be charged for either the visit or the vaccine unless you discuss concerns with your doctor that make your visit a diagnostic visit.

Looking for information about other in-network preventive services provided at no cost?

Click here to download the full list of what may be covered preventive health services.

Preventive health services are only covered at 100% if received from an in-network provider. Be sure to read the section about surprise charges to ensure your doctor assigns the right codes for preventive care.