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Level Up to Silver!

You may qualify for a silver plan with a price similar to bronze, but with better benefits.*


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Why get your health insurance with CGHC?
• Get money from the government to make your health insurance plan more affordable
• Protect yourself against medical debt if you get sick or injured
• No cost preventive care plus 24/7 access to a doctor by phone
• Don’t pay something for nothing: get insured to avoid the tax penalty


*A bronze plan typically has deductibles upwards of $6,600. In a silver plan, that deductible can drop as low as $0 for those eligible for cost sharing reductions. If you get sick or injured and need to use your health insurance, that’s a huge difference in the amount you will have to pay out of pocket.

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative is a nonprofit health insurance company focused on our members and the community. We believe our members deserve honest and open information, so we skip the fine print.

Because you have better things to worry about, like kids and work and making ends meet.