Member Services: 877-514-2442


November 4, 2017

Dear Members,

For those of you that receive advanced premium tax credits from the federal government to lower the monthly cost of your insurance, we sincerely apologize that our renewal packets to you are running late.

We understand that time is short on open enrollment and that you need this information quickly. By way of explanation, we made the decision to wait to mail renewal packets until the federal government sent us updated information about your monthly tax credit that lowers the amount of your insurance. We cannot give you an accurate estimate of your premium costs for 2018 until we have this information in our system.

We received the information we needed on the evening of October 26. Unfortunately, we experienced a breakdown of our system while processing the file that took a few days to fix. The letters are being printed and put in the mail now, and should arrive in your homes the week of November 6 or soon after. We are so sorry this happened and we apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you.

If you would like the information sooner, our member services department is standing by with the information and can communicate it to you over the phone. For this or any other questions, please call us at 877.514.2442.

Sincerely yours,

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative