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Please note:  While we provide this page as a resource to our members looking for information, nothing on this page should be considered tax advice which Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative does not provide. If you have tax-related questions, please contact the IRS or your tax advisor.

If you purchased health coverage from the federal Marketplace (

  • You should receive a 1095-A form from the federal Marketplace before mid-February. This form can also be found by logging into your account. Please know that CGHC does not have the ability to provide this form to you.
  • The 1095-A form will include information about the tax credit you received. We encourage you to verify that the information on your form is correct. If it is not, you must contact the federal Marketplace to get it changed. Additional information can be found at
  • Once you receive the 1095-A, you will use Form 8962 to “reconcile” your premium tax credit by comparing the amount you received in 2016 that lowered your monthly insurance premium with the actual premium tax credit you qualify for based on your final 2016 income. If there’s a difference, it will affect the amount of your refund or your tax bill.

If you purchased health coverage from CGHC directly or through your employer:

  • You will receive a 1095-B form from Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative at the end of January that will show when you had coverage with us
  • Please verify that the information on your form is correct. If it is not, please contact us at 877-514-2442. If you did not purchase coverage through the Marketplace and do not receive the form please contact us to verify your address and request that the form be resent
  • You do not need to file this form with your taxes. It simply serves as “proof” that you had health insurance coverage with us for the time period described on the form, in case you should ever have to prove you had coverage for the purposes of the individual mandate


The Internal Revenue Service has recently released the 2016 version of Publication 974, explaining the availability of premium tax credits and how to claim them in detail. The 2016 version of form 8962, which is used for reporting premium tax credits, and its instructions, were released by the IRS earlier this year, as was the 2016 version of form 8965, used for reporting or applying for individual responsibility tax exemptions, and its instructions. The new Publication 974 does not identify changes from the 2015 version.

To learn more, click here to visit the IRS website.