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At Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, we talk about our unique cooperative business model and being different from for-profit health insurance companies. One thing that makes us so unique is our Board of Directors!

We are governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by our members and operate for the mutual benefit of all CGHC members. In fact, the people on our voting Board are all CGHC members as well! You can be assured the Board of Directors is made up of people just like you, making decisions in your best interest.

The Board of Directors plays a critical role in the success of our cooperative. Each major decision is brought to the Board for discussion and approval. We rely on their feedback and perspective as members of our cooperative and use that information to make improvements to our products, services, and processes. Our mission is: Putting Members First. Pursuing Better Healthcare. Each individual on the Board of Directors embodies this mission every day and puts members’ needs at the forefront of decision-making. Their innovative spirit, willingness to challenge the status quo, and unwavering support has led to our financial stability and cooperative strength.

Our Board Chair, Chris Martin, is a business owner and veteran who has a passion for serving others. Chris works alongside eight other hard working and passionate individuals who attend monthly Board meetings and are active leaders, voting on all major cooperative decisions. We also have three non-voting members who serve to provide us with valuable perspective and support.

CGHC provides an opportunity for members over 18 years old to serve on the Board. The nominations process is already upon us, and all members have the opportunity to nominate themselves or another member who they believe would be well-suited for the CGHC Board of Directors. You should have already received an email and/or letter in your invoice regarding nominations. Both will outline the entire nominations process and how you are able to nominate either electronically or by mail. If you choose to fill out the form, you can simply send it back to our office at the address listed below. If you choose to nominate electronically, find more information on our website, linked here.

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