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All members, whether they purchase health insurance for themselves and their family or through an employer, are in the Envision network.


Serving individual and small business plans and featuring Aurora, Bellin, Children’s and ThedaCare providers among others.


Search for doctors in the Envision Network that includes Aurora Health Care, Bellin Health, ThedaCare, Children’s Hospital and Health System, Door County Medical Centers, and St. Joseph Hospital – Milwaukee Campus.

Please note that for providers associated with the Medical College of Wisconsin and St. Joseph Hospital – Milwaukee campus, only the service locations listed in the directory are available as in-network. All other service locations for those providers are out-of-network and will not be covered.

If you would like a copy of our NCQA compliant Envision Provider Directory, please email us at info@commongroundhealthcare.org
If you are covered through your employer, you are in the Envision network which includes Aurora Health Care, Bellin Health, ThedaCare, Children’s Wisconsin, Door County Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital – Milwaukee Campus, and the First Health Travel Network.

First Health Travel/National Network

Search for a doctor within our travel/wrap network

CGHC’s directory lists providers by county within our service area. CGHC has providers in Brown, Calumet, Door, Florence, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Kenosha, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marinette, Milwaukee, Oconto, Outagamie, Ozaukee, Racine, Shawano, Sheboygan, Washington, Waukesha, Waupaca, Waushara, and Winnebago counties.

Below are examples of the types of physicians and providers that may be found in our directory. Please remember this list is not all-inclusive and covered services are subject to terms and conditions described in your Certificate of Coverage including medical necessity. Just because a provider is in our network, does not mean we cover all the services that a physician may deliver. Please consult your Certificate of Coverage or call us at 877.514.2442 with questions.

  • Primary Care Providers (Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and OB/GYN)
  • Behavioral Health Providers (Mental Health and Addiction/Substance Abuse)
  • Chiropractic Providers
  • Durable Medical Equipment Providers
  • Laboratory Providers
  • Home Health Providers
  • Hospice Providers
  • Hospitals, Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing and, Long Term Acute Care Facilities
  • Therapy Providers
  • Radiology / Imaging Providers
  • Specialty Providers (such as Cardiology, Dermatology, Hematology/Oncology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Urology, etc.)
  • Vision Providers

At CGHC, we contract with select integrated health systems to offer the Envision network to our members.  It is important we share with you that the criteria we use to select our provider partners is not based upon certain quality measures, member experience measures or cost-related measures, and including a provider in our network directory is not an endorsement. Even so, we frequently measure provider quality and patient satisfaction and share our findings with our provider partners to ensure that your member experience is positive when accessing in-network care. We also consider provider access and availability for the majority of our members residing in our service areas and providers who have agreed to accept reimbursement for services. These partners are periodically evaluated to gauge how they align with our mission to best serve members.

The following links are resources you can use to check and compare quality measures for hospital healthcare providers in your area.

Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality
Leapfrog Group
Medicare Hospital Compare

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative updates its provider directory information based on information we receive directly from participating provider organizations in the form of rosters. We make every effort to ensure the directory is accurate and updated frequently. Provider specialty, board certification and accreditation data is verified at least every three years, as part of the credentialing/re-credentialing process.  Provider demographic information is updated directly from the rosters received, therefore, no other information gets validated.  If providers do not give us current information, this directory could contain errors. That’s why it is important that you contact Member Services (877.514.2442) to verify that your selected provider is participating in your chosen network before making your appointment.  Prior to receiving services, we also encourage you to confirm that your selected provider is currently participating in the CGHC network.