CGHC is Looking for Board Nominees

As a cooperative, CGHC is governed by a Board of Directors elected from our membership. From now until September 12, members age 18 or older may nominate themselves or another CGHC member to serve on our Board beginning January 2015.

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A New and Better Way to Access Healthcare

Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative is dedicated to changing insurance by delivering a new and better way to experience quality, comprehensive care. Our approach is simple: we value people above profit. Led by a team of passionate and experienced professionals, CGHC is member-focused and member-governed. That means people come first.

To learn more please contact your insurance agent or call us at 1-855-514-CGHC (2442).

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Employers & Employees

We are the health insurance solution for thousands of employers and employees. We keep our rates stable and competitive, and any profits made go directly back to lowering premiums and improving your benefit options.

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Individuals & Families

We believe in fair access to quality, comprehensive health insurance for you and your family. Our partnership with Aurora Health Care and Trilogy Health Network means you have access to the best possible healthcare coverage available at a competitive rate.

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Agents & Brokers

We provide a unique opportunity for agents and brokers to offer customers a better, more comprehensive healthcare experience. What sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to our members and to the agents who serve them.

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Healthcare Providers

We work collaboratively with providers to ensure that our members receive the highest quality, most cost-effective care available.

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CGHC Benefits

  • A nonprofit cooperative
  • Member-focused and member-governed
  • Ideal for individuals and small businesses
  • Fair access to quality, comprehensive care
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